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Family owned and operated by Father and Son John and Ben Davis They quickly became the industry leaders in the Ram Truck industry in Australia for their quality of conversions and the experience of many custom Ram Truck builds.

412 3980 | EMAIL: lassiterb@hotmail comSpecificationsExterior Width: 86” • Exterior Length: 54” • Exterior Height: 68”Interior Width: 78” • Interior Length: 52” • Basic Cab Weight: 750 lbsDodge ram conversion trucksTrucks N Toys started converting Dodge Ram Trucks back in 2009.. In 2015 we got news that ASV was going to get Full Volume on the Ram Trucks which meant that from Sep 2015 Trucks N Toys would no longer be able to Convert Ram Trucks build after Sep 2015.. Single or dual wheel Single, club, quad and crew cabs Fun, practical, comfortable and luxurious only begins to describe the thrill of owning the Roadmaster Cab Extension Conversion.. A small price to pay for big truck comfort Can be done on any make of truck and fits all the way up to 2 ton trucks.. Please verify any information in question with McCarthy Wholesale at (805) 242-4745.

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We also fit the accessories if need be and do custom builds for customers to suit their particular needs.. We now stock most items and have regular containers coming in so if for some reason the items you are chasing is not in stock it will not be far away.. With this we have gained so much experience into what works and doesn’t work well. Eagle Point Software Corp

Over the years we found that the customers buying the Ram trucks are using them for a purpose, ie either for towing large items like horse floats, Boats or Caravans or for carrying large loads like Slide On Campers or just for creating the ultimate Touring vehicle with the Boat Loader on top and we have been helping customers create the builds that suit their needs the best.

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